Work packages

The centers work is divided into 7 work packages coordinated by a work packages leader:

WP 1 – Mechanisms - electrode and electrolyte additives

Focus and objectives: The WP is devoted to studies on anion adsorption phenomena, mechanisms and their effects on ORR kinetics. Electrolyte additives and novel catalysts will be developed in order to enhance the kinetics.

Coordination: Copenhagen University, Matthias Arenz

WP 2 – Key materials - supported catalysts and proton conductors

Focus and objectives: The WP is devoted to studies of proton conductivity and catalysis:

  1. Understanding anhydrous proton conductivity and improving membranes
  2. Improving nano-material science and durable electrocatalysts

Coordination: University of Southern Denmark, Eivind Skou

WP 3 – Manufacturing of FC components for technological innovation

Focus and objectives: Using the generated knowledge and materials from WPs 1-2, this WP is devised to develop and improve FC components including:

Coordination: Danish Power Systems, Thomas Steenberg

WP 4 – Degradation mechanisms and durability enhancement under both reformate and direct alcohol fueling scenarios

Focus and objectives: The WP is focusing on degradation and durability investigation of PEMFC components and units under operation with reformate and unreformed fuels:

Coordination: IRD fuel cells, Mikkel Juul Larsen

WP 5 – Diagnostics and characterizations

Focus and objectives: This WP is devised to develop in-situ techniques and protocols for cell/stack/system characterization and diagnostics including:

Coordination: Aalborg University, Søren Knudsen Kær

WP 6 – System management, performance and lifetime

Focus and objectives: This WP is devoted to stack and system engineering, technological integration and system simulation through computational and experimental research

Coordination: Serenergy, Peder Lund Rasmussen

WP 7 – Coordination and training

Focus and objectives: Focus will be on the communication, interaction and synergy between the different work packages as well as between the different partners of which some are at a physical distance.

Coordination: DTU Energy Conversion, Li Qingfeng