Summer School

HT-PEM Summer School 2015

The summer school on HT-PEM fuel cells covers the general PEM fuel cell system, with emphasis on the high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells. A number of Danish as well as international lecturers working within the field will give lectures on the different components of the HT-PEM fuel cells, including electrodes/catalysts, membrane, MEA, stacking and system development. Commercial uses of the fuel cells will also be covered by lectures from the Danish HT-PEM industry. 
Additionally, hands-on experiments with some of the component will be arranged in 2-3 exercises. 
The summer school targets PhD students as well as other researchers with interest in the HT-PEM fuel cell systems.

Students are expected to prepair a short presentation covering their work within the field, to be present on the first day of the summer school.


24 - 28th of August 2015

Arrival: Before lunch of 24 August, departure after lunch of 28 August. 

Extended deadline for sign up 15th of July 2015, few seats left


The summer school will be held as a residential course at Schæffergården in Gentofte, which gives students the opportunity to discuss their own research with fellow students and researchers.

Fee (all inclusive)

The signup fee covers overnigth stay in single rooms at Schæffergården from the 24 - 28th of August 2015, meals throughout the summer school, course material and transportation to the exercises.

PhD students: 1100 €

PostDoc and others: 1200 €

Additional night before and after the school can be booked when registering.

Course Content:

The course consists of a mix of lectures, student presentations and hands-on exercises; the exercises will be held at DTU and Copenhagen University. 

The lectures cover the following topics: 
- Polymer membranes 
- Proton conductivity 
- Fuel cell catalysts and electrodes 
- Membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) 
- Characterization of single components as well as MEAs and systems 
- Durability and lifetime issues 
- Stack design 
- Diagnostics and modelling 
- HT-PEM applications and markets 

There will be hands-on exercises on the characterization of different MEA components.  


The summer school is organised in the frame of the 4M Centre which is supported by a grant from Innovation fund Denmark and the summer school has recieved additional funding from Christian og Anny Wendelbo’s Fond