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Danish Korean PEM Fuel Cell Workshop succesful

Tuesday 26 Nov 13


Jens Oluf Jensen
DTU Energy
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Besides DTU Energy Conversion, the workshop was organized by Danish Power Systems, Korea Institute of Science and Technology and Sangmyung University. The event was supported by the Danish Embassy in Seoul and made possible by a grant from the International Network Programme of Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation.

The Section for Proton Conductors co-organized the Danish Korean PEM Fuel Cell Workshop, held in Seoul, Korea, the 18th – 19thof November 2013.

The workshop was the first step towards forming a Danish Korean PEM Fuel Cell network, with the hope of bringing PEM Fuel Cell researcher from both countries together to further collaboration, and to learn from each other’s efforts. In both Korea and Denmark there are strong communities for research, development and early commercialization of PEM fuel cells. Both Korea and Denmark are strong promoters of new energy technologies, of which fuel cells constitute an important part.

Around 80 scientists from University and Research Institutions as well as Industry participated in the Workshop, far exceeding our expectation. Of these more than 20 were from Denmark and the rest from Korea.

"When we planned the workshop we set a target of 15 – 20 participants from each country as our success criteria , and we have been very positively surprised by the large interest in the workshop "
Jens Oluf Jensen, who was chair of the organizing committee.

The workshop was opened by the Danish ambassador to South Korea Peter Lysholt Hansen, and Dr. Kil-Choo Moon the president of Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) that hosted the workshop. The two day workshop consisted of more than 25 invited talks, spanning all areas of PEM Fuel cell research. Talks ranged from very scientific topics over more general presentation of the Korean and Danish activities, giving all participants an overall knowledge of the large number of PEM Fuel Cell activities in the countries.

Among the participants from Korea were representatives from Samsung and Hyundai, giving presentations about their fuel cell activities, and also presentations from smaller companies doing fuel cell research. The Universities were; DTUs strategic collaborator Korea Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, and a number of other Korean Universities and institutions.

In general there was a strong desire to work together and collaborate on common issues facing the PEM Fuel Cell area. The event led to new contacts being established and old ones reaffirmed, and at the end of the workshop the participants decided to repeat the event biannually, with the next workshop to be hosted in Denmark.

For more information on the event please visit http://kdfuelcell.net/kdfuelcell

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