Large cell


The 4M Centre aims to be a world leading centre for fundamental research within the area of high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells (HT-PEMFC's).

The HT-PEM fiel recognized as one of the most promising solutions and strategic approaches of the Danish development for future energy systems based on renewable energy sources. 

As a result of the worldwide R&D activities with a Danish lead, the HT-PEM technology is progressing and approaching the threshold of the market. Further improvement in performance, cost and durability is decisive to promote the technology. 

The 4M Centre is therefore established to address fundamental issues throughout the entire value chain from electrode processes, degradation mechanisms, anhydrous proton conductivity, heterocatalysis, to cell- and stack design and construction. 

Understanding of the reaction mechanisms, material functionalities and processes is of ultimate importance for opening new avenues of materials sciences and technological innovation. 

The 4M consortium consists of all Danish PEMFC players and four well qualified and complementary foreign groups with expertise of materials, fabrication, modeling and system. 

Through this fundamental yet multi-leveled research, the Centre is envisioned to provide basic knowledge for technological innovations and hence promote the commercial success of HT-PEMFC. In this way the Centre will solidify the Danish leadership in the field, strengthen the international collaboration and support the mobility of and educate young researchers in the area of sustainable energy technologies.